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Hydroxychloroquine to Treat Viral Infections

Hydroxychloroquine: A life-Saving Drug For many Diseases

Malaria, the disease that had turned human lives into a nightmare for many decades, came to become a rare disease that can be controlled by consuming medicine, thanks to Hydroxychloroquine. If the history of Hydroxychloroquine is checked then it would be seen that suppressing the outbreak of malaria (caused by the bites of a particular species of mosquitoes, named Anopheles (female)), Hydroxychloroquine played a big role.

The history of using Hydroxychloroquine as a remedy against malaria goes back to the early years of 1894 when the name was not so popular and instead quinine was in use to cure malaria. However, with the evolution of both time and medical studies and trials, Hydroxychloroquine was introduced in its true form in 1955. Since then this immunomodulatory drug has been in use for treating malaria as well as other diseases, such as inflammatory or rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, etc. And the digital era has opened a chance for people even to buy this hydroxychloroquine online.

Hydroxychloroquine has been approved by the FDA to reduce the number of infectious patients by the deadly covid-19 virus that caused the horrific pandemic in 2020 and still getting spread today among people, although these numbers are under control. After going through many clinical trials the scientists gave their nod in favor of Hydroxychloroquine to be used for treating patients who are infected by the Covid-19 virus, normalizing the consumption of hydroxychloroquine for covid. The application of the drug helps in receiving an early result, reducing the severity of the infection.

Hydroxychloroquine has been listed as one of the essential drugs prepared by the WHO (World Health Organization) and during the pandemic situation in 2019-20, the country that heavily prescribed hydroxychloroquine for covid was the United States, triggering people across the world to buy hydroxychloroquine online.

When To Purchase Hydroxychloroquine

Usually, hydroxychloroquine is prescribed by doctors when patients show symptoms of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, covid-19, or malaria. You may decide to buy hydroxychloroquine once you are infected by these viruses or can wait for your doctor’s approval. This medicine is also effective in battling viral bacterial infections. However, as it is widely used as an antimalarial medicine, you can buy it from stores before going into any malaria-influenced regions. The drug starts working right after consuming it by inhabiting the lysosomal tissues of the malaria parasites and gradually disinfecting them.

If you are worried about being ignorant of where to buy hydroxychloroquine, then rest assured, at present, there are many stores where you can buy hydroxychloroquine. You need to find stores that put up the ad like hydroxychloroquine for sale and can purchase it from those pharmacies. Or you can take the help of the internet and buy hydroxychloroquine online. Before buying out from an online portal, you must fill in all the details of your prescription and your requirements for avoiding any tampered or wrong drug. As not just any store or online medicine provider can get a Hydroxychloroquine For Sale certificate.

You can also simply ask your doctor where to buy hydroxychloroquine as they also might give you a lead about genuine medicine stores.

Intake Procedure of Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine can be taken orally (by mouth) but requires to follow different process depending on what kind of disease the patient is suffering from. For example, if you are infected with malaria, then taking hydroxychloroquine one time per week would be enough but you must maintain the routine by taking it next week on the same day and continue this way until your doctor instructs you to stop. If you are a healthy person and about to visit a malaria-affected area, even so, you should start taking hydroxychloroquine at least one to two weeks prior to visiting the place. Once reached your destination, you should continue taking the drug and stop it only after 7 to 8 weeks after returning back. Or you could follow your doctor’s instructions.

Taking hydroxychloroquine daily twice or once for patients who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, would be ideal. However, the doctor can prescribe otherwise if your condition seems serious. Usually, doctors prescribe lowering the quantity of dosage once you get a little better through your early stage.

The drug is available in tablet forms and is to take by swallowing the whole with water. Avoid chewing them or splitting them into halves, also do not make a powder of it by crushing these pills.


Hydroxychloroquine has been playing an effective role in reducing malaria cases around the globe for nearly 60 years on and has been proven as a crucial drug in fighting the covid-19 virus. Hydroxychloroquine is often used in treating porphyria cutanea tarda as well, although cases like this are rare. There are several medical studies and trials going on to discover new ways of using Hydroxychloroquine for treating many other diseases and scientists are hoping that these will lead to positive results.