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Hydroxychloroquine inclusive and controversial review

Hydroxychloroquine: An inclusive review and its controversial role in treating coronavirus disease

Hydroxychloroquine, primarily used as an antimalarial, is considered an immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory agent for the effective management of autoimmune & rheumatic diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus.

Although Hydroxychloroquine has shown effectiveness against the deadly disease i.e., coronavirus disease (Covid-19) only in some and not in all studies. After the recommendation of a doctor, one can buy hydroxychloroquine online.

HCQ is considered the safest immunomodulatory agent for treating the condition of rheumatic illness. But with long-term use, rare but serious unpleasant effects have been reported by the patients.

As per the in vitro studies, it is revealed that the antiviral properties of hydroxychloroquine covid are raising interest in its possible therapeutic role in the Covid-19 disease.

For treating the condition of coronavirus disease, you must buy hydroxychloroquine only after consulting your doctor. Not following your doctor’s direction for the medication can worsen your condition and cause serious health issues.

Is Hydroxychloroquine effective against Covid-19 disease?

It is clear that there is a requirement for effective treatment for coronavirus disease infection. Hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin is found to be effective as a treatment for Covid-19 but only in some studies.

On the other hand, some studies also do not show the efficacy of HCQ in treating the problem of coronavirus. As a result, doctors do not prescribe patients to buy hydroxychloroquine online mainly to typical patients. Although this medicine is effective in treating different forms of inflammatory arthritis.

Some physicians say that HCQ medication can show its greater efficacy only if it is given during the early course of the disease.

Antimalarial action of the hydroxychloroquine

Before the quick development of drug resistance, Hydroxychloroquine was extensively used as an antimalarial agent. In order to treat malaria, HCQ starts to act as a blood schizonticide against trophozoites in your red blood cells.

In red blood cells, a trophozoite gets the amino acids needed for development by haemoglobin breakdown in its food vacuole. A by-product of this breakdown is considered haem which is toxic for the parasite because it lyses cell membranes.

This toxic is further converted to non-toxic crystallized hemozoin in the food vacuole.

Once you understand the mechanism of action of the medication, you can visit a licensed online drugstore and choose hydroxychloroquine for sale. This will help you to save money and grab some exciting discounts.

Adverse effects of hydroxychloroquine

Though HCQ is broadly used in rheumatology and is safe & well-tolerated for most patients. But several adverse effects have been reported by the patients which are irreversible and dangerous.

Some of the side effects that you might experience while taking this medicine include gastrointestinal distress, skin rash, alopecia, skin hyperpigmentation, cardiomyopathy, and conduction abnormalities.

Thus, HCQ is an antimalarial agent and is effective in treating and managing numerous autoimmune diseases. This medication is not known to show any effective results in patients suffering from Covid-19 or coronavirus.